Welcome to the Home of the Mountaineers!

The WVU Women's Club Lacrosse team was founded in 2006 by several women who had great love and passion for the sport.
With their dedication to the sport it enabled them to create the first women's collegiate lacrosse team in the state of West Virginia.

The team is currently a member of the
WCLL (Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse League), Divison 1, East. During the spring season they compete with teams from their division, but also play a number of teams from other divisions as well. They have ended their past three seasons with winning records in the WCLL but have goals to return to Divisional playoffs and hopes to qualify for nationals.

The WVU Women’s Lacrosse team is ran administratively by officers who were elected by the team at the end of last season.

Congratulations 2012-2013 Officers:

Presidents: Jenna Fronzaglio
Vice President: Chiara Maimone
Secretary: Alesa Bowman
Treasurer: Taylor Crammer
Public Relations: Molly Ozga

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2011 WVU Women’s Lacrosse Team